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Health policy issues are covered in this section.

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Here’s how to close the gap on Indigenous women smoking during pregnancy

Gillian Sandra Gould writes in The Conversation (21.7.16) about the high incidence of smoking among pregnant Indigenous women, and suggest... More »

Climate policy needs a new lens: health and well-being

Fiona Armstrong, along with Nobel Laureate and Queensland medical researcher, Professor Peter Doherty, write in The Conversation (21.... More »

Barrett Adolescent Centre: Behind Queensland's flawed mental health decisions

Tony Moore reports in the Brisbane Times (18.7.16) on the outcomes of the Commission of Inquiry, headed by Supreme Court Justice Margaret ... More »

Why the health scheme for coal workers is inadequate to detect black lung

Malcolm Sim writes in The Conversation (15.7.16) about the reappearance of cases of 'black lung' disease among Queensland coal miners, and... More »

Understanding the NDIS: how does the scheme work and am I eligible for funding?

Carmel Laragy writes in The Conversation (6.7.16) about the commencement of the NDIS scheme, as part of a series of articles about how the... More »

Labor’s ‘Mediscare’ campaign capitalised on Coalition history of hostility towards Medicare

Jim Gillespie writes in The Conversation (5.7.16):

'The Australian Labor Party’s Medicare campaign has been dubbed an electi... More »

What do the Liberal and Labor election health promises mean for you?

Helen Dickinson writes in The Conversation (24.6.16) about the major parties' health policies on offer in the federal election campaign, a... More »

Federal election 2016: Pat McGorry slams politicians and health bureaucrats: 'They're ignoring the evidence'

Michael Koziol reports in the Brisbane Times (9.6.16) on Professor Patrick McGorry's criticisms of the current government's under-funding ... More »

Towards a model of evidence-informed decision making and service delivery

Policy Online carries a link (31.5.16) to a Centre for Community Child Health working paper highlighting issues and new approaches in... More »

Suicide in Australia background information: key facts and analysis

Policy Online carries a link (24.5.16) to a fact sheet released through the University of Sydney, which draws political parties' attention... More »

Confused about the Medicare rebate freeze?

Helen Dickinson explains in The Conversation (20.5.16) the implications of the Medicare rebate 'freeze':

'The impact of ... More »

Election 2016: Labor uses marginal Coalition seat to announce $1 billion health promise

The ABC's Anna Henderson and Francis Keany report (22.5.16) on federal Labor's announcement that it would scrap a government-proposed cut to the Ph... More »

Election 2016: Turnbull says Labor's $12b Medicare promise unfunded

The ABC's Anna Henderson and Caitlyn Gribbin report (19.5.16) on the federal government's and opposition's rival claims about Medicare funding, ami... More »

The ghost of Joe Hockey rises as attacks on public health continue

'The $7 co-payment was supposed to be dead and buried after former Treasurer Joe Hockey’s political cremation. Yet Malcolm Turnbull has again... More »

Investing in women's mental health: strengthening the foundations for women, families and the Australian economy

Policy Online carries a link (20.4.16) to an Australian Health Policy Collaboration research paper which identifies the specific risks and... More »

Black lung’s back? How we became complacent with coal miners' pneumoconiosis

Peter Gibson writes in The Conversation (21.4.16) about how the so-called 'black lung' disease could have again become a health problem fo... More »

How to reform primary health care to close the gap

Sophia Couzos writes in The Conversation (4.4.16) about new ways that the primary health care system can be improved to better serve Indig... More »

Upholding the right to life and health: a review of the deaths in care of people with disability in Queensland

Policy Online carries a link (16.2.16) to an Office of the Public Advocate review detailing the deaths in care in Queensland of people wit... More »

Hospitals don’t need increased funding, they need to make better use of what they’ve got

Several health care experts write in The Conversation (22.3.16) about how public hospitals could be more efficiently and effecti... More »

What are better, public or private hospitals?

Karen Willis and Sophie Lewis write in The Conversation (18.3.16) about their assessments, and patients' perceptions, of the relative meri... More »

Determinants and gaps in preventive care delivery for Indigenous Australians: a cross-sectional analysis

Policy Online carries a link (10.3.16) to a journal article outlining research into effective means of preventive health care delivery for... More »

Here's how to boost hospital funds and end the blame game

Jane Hall and Kees van Gool write in The Conversation (17.3.16) about how the federal government and the states could reasonably fund publ... More »

The problems with Australia's hospitals – and how they can be fixed

Stephen Duckett writes in The Conversation (15.3.16) about entrenched problems in Australia's hospital system, and offers suggestions for ... More »

Baby and me

Policy Online carries a link (1.11.15) to an Anglicare Victoria report about the value of a therapeutic, community-style support model of ... More »

Self defence and high-tech alarms fight paramedic attacks

Toby Crockford reports in the Brisbane Times (13.3.16) on new government measures to help protect Queensland paramedics from assaults by a... More »


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