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Health policy issues are covered in this section.

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Upholding the right to life and health: a review of the deaths in care of people with disability in Queensland

Policy Online carries a link (16.2.16) to an Office of the Public Advocate review detailing the deaths in care in Queensland of people wit... More »

Hospitals don’t need increased funding, they need to make better use of what they’ve got

Several health care experts write in The Conversation (22.3.16) about how public hospitals could be more efficiently and effecti... More »

What are better, public or private hospitals?

Karen Willis and Sophie Lewis write in The Conversation (18.3.16) about their assessments, and patients' perceptions, of the relative meri... More »

Determinants and gaps in preventive care delivery for Indigenous Australians: a cross-sectional analysis

Policy Online carries a link (10.3.16) to a journal article outlining research into effective means of preventive health care delivery for... More »

Here's how to boost hospital funds and end the blame game

Jane Hall and Kees van Gool write in The Conversation (17.3.16) about how the federal government and the states could reasonably fund publ... More »

The problems with Australia's hospitals – and how they can be fixed

Stephen Duckett writes in The Conversation (15.3.16) about entrenched problems in Australia's hospital system, and offers suggestions for ... More »

Baby and me

Policy Online carries a link (1.11.15) to an Anglicare Victoria report about the value of a therapeutic, community-style support model of ... More »

Self defence and high-tech alarms fight paramedic attacks

Toby Crockford reports in the Brisbane Times (13.3.16) on new government measures to help protect Queensland paramedics from assaults by a... More »

Chronic failure in primary care

Policy Online carries a link (6.3.16) to a Grattan Institute report showing inefficiencies in the delivery of primary health care to Austr... More »

Meth use increases by five times since 2009: study

Nathanael Cooper reports in the Brisbane Times (7.3.16) on research showing a significant increase in the recent use of methamphetamines i... More »

Cannabis to stay illegal in Queensland: Cameron Dick

The Brisbane Times reports (1.3.16) on Health Minister, Cameron Dick, asserting that, despite moves to legalise cannabis for medicinal use... More »

Queensland considers medicinal cannabis laws

The Brisbane Times reports (28.2.16) on the state government moving to legalise the medicinal use of cannabis. This comes as sim... More »

Barrett Centre inquiry: LNP government not to blame for closure, Lawrence Springborg says

The ABC reports (26.2.16) on Opposition Leader, Lawrence Springborg's, evidence provided to the inquiry into the closure of the Barrett Centre yout... More »

Smoke alarms in almost every room under new Queensland legislation

Amy Remeikis reports in the Brisbane Times (23.2.16) about Queensland's 'tough' new smoke alarm regulations and anti-smoking laws.

More »

'Last-drink' laws not lockouts reduce alcohol-fuelled violence

Kypros Kypri writes in The Conversation (8.1.16) about the most effective ways of reducing alcohol-related violence:

'The Queensla... More »

Deadly drug war is one we can't afford to stop fighting

Bill O'Chee writes in the Brisbane Times (6.1.16):

'Over the holiday period up to January 4 this year, Queensland police conducted... More »

Lock-out laws and the Newcastle study

During November 2015 there was much political speculation about the consequences of differences of opinion about 'lock-out laws' between those supp... More »

Mental health challenge requires significant attention and research

Ian Jacobs and Michael Spence write in The Conversation (13.11.15):

'We are making progress in understanding some of the most... More »

Indigenous health crisis, exacerbated by preventive health program cuts

The appalling statistics on Indigenous health has been highlighted by the 2015 AMA Indigenous Health Card. The AMA is also highly critical of Indig... More »

Prediction grimly realised

Professor Linda Shields predicted the tragic rise in syphilis cases in north Queensland when she wrote about the impact of Newman government preven... More »

Testing the government's 'mandate' - the waiting list guarantee

Amy Remeikis (Brisbane Times, 11.3.15) reports that the LNP will test the government's 'mandate' to scrap the health waiting list gua... More »

States face rising health bill

Stephen Duckett writes in The Conversation (10.3.15):

'The 2015 Intergenerational Report adopts the same mixed focus as the previo... More »

Labor scraps surgery waiting time guarantee

Cameron Atfield writes in the Brisbane Times (10.3.15) that the new government has scrapped the LNP's surgery waiting time guarantee ... More »

New minister attacks LNP spending on surgery waiting lists

Natalie Bochenski reports in the Brisbane Times (9.3.15) that the new Queensland health minister Cameron Dick has said that 'not one ... More »

Cameron Dick to consider AIDS Council funding

Cameron Atfield reports in the Brisbane Times (6.2.15) that one of the most high-profile early victims of Newman government funding cuts h... More »


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