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Over the period since our website was established a number of reports have been published on different aspects of, Indigenous policy in Queensland. Sometimes more general reports have contained sections that relate to Queensland and we have tried to create links to these. A number of other issues affecting Indigenous Queenslanders appear elsewhere, in particular sandmining on Stradbroke Island which appears under the 'Environment'.

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Indigenous deaths in custody: inquests can be sites of justice or administrative violence

Alison Whittaker writes in The Conversation (15.4.21) about the failings of official inquest and investigation processes for Aborigin... More »

Toxicity swirls around January 26, but we can change the nation with a Voice to parliament

Megan Davis writes in The Conversation (25.1.21) about the debate over the contentious date of Australia Day, and how it obscures an achie... More »

We have 16 new Closing the Gap targets. Will governments now do what’s needed to meet them?

Francis Markham and Bhiamie Williamson write in The Conversation (30.7.20) that the federal government's new Closing the Gap agreement lac... More »

‘I can’t breathe!’ Australia must look in the mirror to see our own deaths in custody

Thalia Anthony writes in The Conversation (2.6.20) that, as people across the United States continue to protest the death of African-... More »

‘Closing the Gap’ process will better involve Indigenous Australians: Morrison

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (12.2.20) about the Prime Minister's response to the twelfth Closing the Gap report, which sho... More »

Vale Uncle Sam Watson

Lydia Lynch reports in the Brisbane Times (27.11.19) on the passing of well known and much respected Queensland activist and Indigenous co... More »

A new inquiry into Indigenous policy must address the root causes of failure

Elizabeth Strakosch and University of Queensland colleagues write in The Conversation (12.9.19) about a new Productivity Commission inquir... More »

Listening with ‘our ears and our eyes’: Ken Wyatt’s big promises on Indigenous affairs

Eddie Synot writes in The Conversation (11.7.19) that Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt's promise of a referendum on constitu... More »

The new Mabo? $190 million stolen wages settlement is unprecedented, but still limited

Thalia Anthony writes in The Conversation (11.7.19) about the Queensland Government's settlement of a stolen wages class action by past In... More »

Four lessons from 11 years of Closing the Gap reports

Nicholas Biddle writes in The Conversation (14.2.19) about the federal government's release of the 11th annual Closing the Gap report, hig... More »

Hopes and fears: which way forward for an Indigenous voice to Australia's parliament?

Lorena Allam comments in The Guardian (1.12.18) on the push to establish an Indigenous 'voice' in the federal parliament, observing that&n... More »

Australia’s stolen wages: one woman’s quest for compensation

Melissa Tyler and Leanne Cutcher write in The Conversation (14.5.18) about the difficulties faced by Indigenous people making reparations ... More »

Most Indigenous students consigned to schools with least capacity to help

Educator Chris Bonnor comments in The Guardian (19.2.18) on the obstacles facing Indigenous students, suggesting that layers are bein... More »

Closing the Gap review finds policy 'effectively abandoned' amid 'extensive funding cuts'

The ABC's Isabella Higgins reports (8.2.18) on a damning review of the Closing the Gap program which accuses the federal government of effecti... More »

'We just Black matter': Australia’s indifference to Aboriginal lives and land

Chelsea Bond writes in The Conversation (16.10.17) that, despite the promise of the global Black Lives Matter social movement, it has... More »

Remote work-for-the-dole scheme is racist, ACTU head Sally McManus says

Helen Davidson reports in The Guardian (6.8.17) on claims from ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus, that the federal government's compulsor... More »

How about we start again on race and the Constitution?

Peter Brent writes in Inside Story (28.6.17) that efforts to remove “race” from the Constitution have become tangled up w... More »

Ten years on, it’s time we learned the lessons from the failed Northern Territory Intervention

Diana Perche writes in The Conversation (26.6.17) that, a decade after the event, the Northern Territory Intervention implemented coercive... More »

‘Right wrongs, write Yes’: what was the 1967 referendum all about?

Russell McGregor writes in The Conversation (26.5.17) that the 1967 referendum was the culmination of a long struggle for both Aboriginal ... More »

Too many Indigenous children are taken from their families – it doesn't have to happen

Indigenous educator, Chris Sarra, comments in The Guardian (23.5.17) on the continuing practice of removal of Aboriginal children from the... More »

It's 50 years since Indigenous Australians first 'counted'. Why has so little changed?

Paul Daley comments in The Guardian (19.5.17) on the disappointing amount of positive change achieved for Indigenous Australians since the... More »

The Cashless Debit Card Trial is working, claims Marcia Langton

Marcia Langton writes in The Conversation (4.5.17) about the federal government's trial of a contentious 'cashless debit card' program for... More »

The gap of Indigenous disadvantage is being closed too slowly: report

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (14.2.17) about this year's release of the Closing the Gap report, which indicates that A... More »

Safe and sound? How funding mix affects homelessness support for Indigenous Australians

Policy Online carries a link (16.12.16) to an Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute report outlining how the mix of governm... More »

Aboriginal housing in Australia: 1967 and now

Balwant Saini, Emeritus Professor in the University of Queensland's School of Architecture, authored an article on the state of Aboriginal housing ... More »


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