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Over the period since our website was established a number of reports have been published on different aspects of, Indigenous policy in Queensland. Sometimes more general reports have contained sections that relate to Queensland and we have tried to create links to these. A number of other issues affecting Indigenous Queenslanders appear elsewhere, in particular sandmining on Stradbroke Island which appears under the 'Environment'.

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Whether you're listening or not, Australia is a nation of white privilege

TJRyan Research Associate Dr Marcus Waters writes in The Conversation (17.11.15):

It doesn’t take long as an Indigenous Aust... More »

Justice reinvestment: a community response to Indigenous incarceration

In Inside Story (30.7.15) Robert Milliken reports on a new program in Bourke, New South Walels, in which a loose consortium incl... More »

Clash of cultural values: racism meets sport

The Adam Goodes 'booing' saga has been a remarkable confrontation between two values apparently central to the self-image of white Australians &nda... More »

Australians must unite against racism

'Australians must unite against racism' The Age, 1.8.15: 

'Today we have taken an ... More »

'Australian Aborigines worried about northern development plan' (BBC)

The BBC (UK) carries a report of Noel Pearson's ABC interview (19.6.15) in which he stated: 'Our concern is that governments, including the Commonw... More »

Australian Indigenous youth incarceration highest in two decades

Australia needs to take drastic action to reverse the over-representation of Indigenous young people in juvenile detention centres or face losing a... More »

Racism towards Indigenous Australians: reporting the good with the bad

In The Conversation (5.5.15) Anthony Dillon discusses the need to raise awareness about racism and introduce strategies to eliminate it, h... More »

Evidence-free policymaking: 'Why the budget measures don't work'

Issue 16 of the Journal of Indigenous Policymaking - What Works - And Why The Budget Measures Don't - Written by Prof. Eva Cox (with ... More »

ABS report on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Results of the ABS' Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey 2012-13: nutrition.

More »

Child and domestic violence in Indigenous communities

'Child abuse and domestic violence in Indigenous communities “will remain chronically undisclosed and under-reported,” an Australian Cr... More »

Wangan and Jagalingou people challenge Adani on Carmichael mine

The Guardian reports (26.3.15) that Indian firm Adani has appealed to the native title tribunal to bypass the traditional owners' rejectio... More »

1 Jan 1900

Tony Abbott and indigenous 'lifestyle choices'

'Indigenous leaders have condemned Mr Abbott's comments as "wrong", saying they overlook the cultural connection of community members to the land a... More »

The National Indigenous Times

The TJRyan Foundation has been asked by Research Associate Dr Marcus Waters to publicise issues currently facing the National Indigenous Times.... More »

New Queenland MPs beware: neoliberalism is an Indigenous health hazard

Marcus Waters writes in The Conversation (12.2.15):

'As the dust settles after the Queensland election, the realisation that two I... More »

The SLAPP culture

SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) suits refer to the threat or use of legal action that stifles public debate on contentious ... More »

Indigenous home ownership policies and Yarrabah

As of 1 January 2015 residents of Indigenous towns in Queensland have the option to buy their homes and convert communal land to freehold. Many wan... More »

The 'muddled narrative' of indigenous affairs centralisation

Stephen Easton writes in The Mandarin (2.12.14) about the Social Justice and Native Title Report 2014 by Aboriginal and Torr... More »

Evaluation of two Queensland Indigenous youth justice programs

Links to evaluation by the Australlian Institute of Criminology of four youth justice programs, two of which are conducted in Queensland:

&... More »

Noel Pearson and Indigenous policy on Cape York

In The Conversation (20.8.14) Marcus Waters discusses Noel Pearson's influence on Indigenous policy on Cape York.  Rather than end reliance on... More »

High Court overturns Cape York Wild Rivers declaration

Gregory McIntyre writes about the High Court decision to overturn the Bligh Government's Wild Rivers declaration:  'While Cape York groups led... More »

The Elders' report into preventing Indigenous self-harm and youth suicide

The rate of youth suicide and self-harm in Indigenous communities across Australian is the highest in the world.  This was not always the case... More »

Lung infection rates in Mount Isa's indigenous children among world's worst

Amy Remeikis reported in the Brisbane Times (2 June 2014) on the findings from a research project led by Elisabeth Janu of the University of Sydney... More »

Abbott is quietly failing on his ‘PM for Aboriginal affairs’ promise

Elizabeth Strakosch writes in The Conversation of 23 May 2014 that despite prime minister Tony Abbott’s apparent passion for Indigenous affai... More »

Padraic Gibson documents recent service cuts to Indigenous communities

Report published in The Guardian Australia in May 2014 about the Indigenous specialist services that have been slashed by a tidal wave of cuts, wit... More »


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