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The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focusing on Queensland public policy. The aims of the Foundation are to stimulate debate on matters of Queensland public administration and to review the policy directions of current and previous State governments on economic, social and cultural issues. This website focuses on evidence-based policy, providing access to our own research and a range of online policy resources.

Current Issues and Events

The TJ Ryan Foundation, with the support of QUT, QSuper and the QCU, is convening a one-day conference around the theme of 'Inequality'. The conference will be held in the OJW Room at QUT Gardens Point campus, Brisbane, on Friday 1 September 2017. More details to come soon.

Nicholas Biddle and Francis Markham point out in The Conversation that new Census data show worrying income inequality between regions.

TJRF Board member, John Quiggin, comments in The Guardian on recent government interventions in various 'under pressure' industry sectors. He asks whether this is the inevitable 'chaos' that follows the collapse of dominant market-oriented orthodoxy.

The ABC's Ian Verrender assesses former PM Tony Abbott's decision to remove the carbon price and 'gut' the Renewable Energy Target. Rather than reducing energy costs, he argues, it has brought our electricity generation industry closer to crisis point: "Ever since the carbon tax was removed, power prices have only headed one way; upwards. This, at a time when oil prices have halved."

TJRF Board member, Geoff Edwards, reviews the recently released Strengthening School – Industry STEM Skills Partnerships report from the AI Group, commissioned by the Chief Scientist: "[Industry placements] are no substitute for reform of the education system so that every school graduate leaves with adequate life and work-ready skills."

The ABC's Stephen Long reports on mining industry research highlighting job losses and production decline from existing Australian coal mines if the proposed Adani Carmichael mine project proceeds in the Galilee Basin.

Former Queensland 'corruption fighter', Tony Fitzgerald QC, comments on the demise of truly representative politics in Australia, with politicians beholden to party interests ahead of public interest.

Amy Maguire writes in The Conversation about the Turnbull Government's new Home Affairs mega-portfolio, merging national security and immigration control agencies. She argues that departmental changes must be monitored to ensure the 'delicate balance' between safety and freedom.

TJRF Deputy Executive Director, Paul Boreham, outlines the importance of researchers making their findings available: "The primary aim of the TJ Ryan Foundation is to bridge the gap between academics and other researchers and policy professionals in order to enhance evidence-based policymaking." For more details, contact Paul Boreham.

The Australia Institute is presenting the 'Accountability and the Law' Conference at Parliament House, Canberra, on Thursday, 17 August 2017, featuring a number of TJRF Research Associates speaking on accountability issues.

Papers presented at the QCU / TJRF seminar on 'the future of work in Queensland' can be found at the link above. Presentation slides will be added as they become available.

Several media outlets reported on Ken Boston's keynote address, speaking of his experience on the Gonski Review panel, at the TJ Ryan Foundation's 3rd anniversary event. The full text of Dr Boston's speech, along with a video recording of his address, can be found at the link above.

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports
& Policy Briefs

Andre Yeo analyses the think tank 'landscape' in Australia, comparing the financial and personnel resources of several organisations, as well as their research output and impact.

Ann Scott discusses the lessons that might be learned from the Industrial Revolution, Margaret Thatcher's divisiveness, and the Brexit vote; she recalls Winston Churchill's 1939 appeal to Americans to maintain 'ceaseless vigilance to protect democracy'.

Paul Boreham and Chris Salisbury provide an overview of innovation-led industry policies that engage in long-run strategic investments to create and shape industry trajectories rather than just responding to problems of industry decline.The paper outlines how such policies might be applied to the Queensland economy.

Geoff Dow argues that the development of economic policy needs to be founded on a clearer understanding of economic growth, debt, government spending and taxation.

Ann Scott, Howard Guille and Roger Scott provide an assessment of the second year in office of the Palaszczuk Government.

An edited collection of TJ Ryan Foundation research papers and commentaries covering the Newman Government's years in office. 

All TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports can be found through this link.


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