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The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focussing on Queensland public policy. The aims of the Foundation are to stimulate debate on issues in Queensland public administration and to review policy directions of current and past State governments on economic, social and cultural issues. This website focuses on evidence-based policy, and provides links to a range of public accessible online resources.

What's new

A conference, 'Accountability and the Law - Safeguarding against corruption in Queensland', will be held on 9 February 2015 at the Customs House, Brisbane.  The former NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Commissioner who led the investigation into corrupt coal licenses that brought down the NSW government will be the keynote speaker at Accountability and the Law, a conference examining ways to safeguard Queensland against corruption. The Hon David Ipp AO QC will provide a unique insight into the actual events surrounding the infamous dealings of Eddie Obeid, Ian McDonald and others, and look at lessons Queensland can draw from the ICAC experience.  Enrolment details can be found through this link.

'Clive Palmer has succeeded in his historic bid to establish a Senate inquiry into the Queensland state government after the Greens decided to support him in exchange for support for environmental protections.'

Alex McKean write that the Senate Inquiry into Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Administration deserves to be taken seriously as it has an important role in 'shining a light on the dealings of the Newman Government.

Dr Drew Hutton writes that the 'Clive Palmer-inspired' Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government 'is the best chance we’ve had in years to shine a light into the dark chambers of “Queensland Incorporated”'.

Ann Scott reports her impressions as an observer at the public hearings held in Brisbane on November 28, concluding that despite the scorn of the Coalition members and the Murdoch media, the Committee provided a valuable contribution to public debate in a political environment that increasingly lacks transparency.

Peter Wellington subjected to offensive questioning by Senator Macdonald at the public hearings in Brisbane on Friday 28 November - with an attempt to label Wellington a "bikies' friend" and an 'ineffective member of Parliament.

Dr Chris Davis talks about raising the 'cap' in reportable political donations. There are 'better ways of fundraising than receiving large amounts of undisclosed donations, and easy to get onto a 'slippery slope' and forget the core values of democracy. 

By 7 December 2014, 14 submissions had been loaded onto the Select Committee's website. Three are confidential. More submissions may well have been received but deemed not relevant to the Inquiry's terms of reference (which should be read carefully by anyone seeking to make a submission). Submissions close on 27 February 2015. 

Madonna King writes in the Brisbane Times that 'the size, appearance and intensity of some developments now being approved makes a mockery of promises that our politicians value either our view or our sense of community. The monstrous, out-of-character developments ... might even engulf the futures of some of the politicians pushing them.'

The death of Queensland's only local current affairs television program will reduce scrutiny of state politics. Matt Wordsworth of the ABC’s 7:30 and 7.30 Qld won 2014 Clarion Awards' best interview in all media for a series of strong political interviews. 

Quentin Dempster sacked. Remember him on the Queensland 7.30 Report in the 1980s: 'While covering the Fitzgerald inquiry into police and political corruption, [Quentin Dempster] wrote daily re-enactments and analysis to break down its complex evidence in a way that was easy for viewers to understand.'

Professor Peter Høj has said that UQ might have to take more international students to make up for Pyne's potential budget cuts. UQ has grown "as big as we can". Domestic students would lose places. "That would be, in my view, very unfortunate".

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports

This Research Report focusses on public accountability and Parliament’s formal constitutional role including parliamentary procedures (question time, the committee stages of legislation and the revised procedures for Estimates Committee hearings). It examines the CCC and its related Parliamentary Committee.

Howard Guille argues that 'dressing up privatisation as a "long-term lease" cannot hide the distinct likelihood that a few financiers will get the people's assets at a knock-down price'.

Ann Scott reports on the public hearings of the 'Senate Select Committee into 'Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Administration'.

Roger Scott's report on the 2014 Australian Study of Parliament Group conference.

For earlier Research Reports see 'TJRyan Foundation Research Reports' under 'Policy Papers' link above.




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