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The TJ Ryan Foundation is a progressive think tank focussing on Queensland public policy. The aims of the Foundation are to stimulate debate on issues in Queensland public administration and to review policy directions of current and past State governments on economic, social and cultural issues. This website focuses on evidence-based policy, and provides links to a range of public accessible online resources.

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On Twitter @viviehar53 said 'honesty' and @fitant said 'integrity'.  This was a common theme that sat high on participants' lists.' (ABC News, 13.1.15)

Integrity takes centre stage in the discussion on political donations. See 'bi-partisan ethical bankruptcy': the use and abuse of executive power by Gary Crooke QC.

'It would be sheer folly for anyone concerned to live in freedom in a democracy to vote for a political party which refuses to accept that there are limits on the proper exercise of democratic political power. The Hon Tony Fitzgerald AC QC on the Newman Government.

The Ryan Foundation is one of the organisations that has endorsed an open letter Accountability and Transparency in Queensland, endorsing Tony Fitzgerald AC QC's Four Principles for good government, published as an advertisement in the Courier-Mail (29.1.15). 

(The cartoon reads: 'Tony Fitzgerald is entitled to his opinion ... see if he rides a motorbike will you', drawn by the ever-insightful cartoonist Sean Leahy, 29.10.13)

On the ABC Four Corners program Newman government sets a 'new low standard' Mr Fitzgerald said that the Newman Government had set a new low standard' for the integrity and fairness of Queensland's governance.

On 23 January the Rev Dr Noel Preston AM resigned from the Crim and Corruption Commission's Research Ethics Committee expressing dismay at the changes made to the former CMC by the Newman Government (see excerpt from resignation letter). 


Before becoming Executive Director of the TJRyan Foundation, I had spent most of my career as a political scientist in ivory towers, and I still hold an honorary position in a School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry. I have also spent over half my life in Queensland and constantly marvel at the extent to which ‘the real world’ offers insights into the usefulness of theory and vice versa. 

'Under the LNP plan, the cash hits now (within five years). With 99-year “leases”, assets apparently provide over 90 years of no returns to Queenslanders, exacerbating both future budget and income issues.

That means more than 90 years of not receiving the current (and likely rising) A$1.7 billion annual income from government-owned corporations, and interest cross-subsidies. Naively, that’s more than A$150 billion gone in the long-term for perhaps a historically high A$37 billion today.' Analysis of LNP and ALP economic plans

Blue Linckia Starfish in the Reef

'Charlie Veron, a reef scientist, has concluded that, without an abrupt decline in greenhouse gas emissions, there is no hope of reefs surviving to even mid-century in any form that we now recognize.' ‘Use your influence’, he pleads. ‘For the future of the planet, help get this story recognized. It is not a fairy tale. It is reality.’

‘Bearing witness to this gradual annihilation is like seeing a house on fire in slow motion.'

In an interview with The Guardian (23.1.15) Dr Chris Davis gives a 'second opinion' on the LNP's health promises, saying that the LNP is deceiving voters on hospitals, and that its touted achievements are 'a cover for privatisation which benefits party donors'.

Watch the video Dr Chris Davis on privatisation and health).  

He describes privatisation as 'a capitalist’s dream and a consumer’s nightmare'.

The Foundation has been adding sources commenting on the election at 2015 election coverageSee also the ABC Qld election coverage, which includes Antony Green's Queensland 'election blog': Antony Green's 'election blog'Brisbane Times special election link: Brisbane Times rolling coverage for the 2015 Queensland election.

Measure your own views using Queensland election 2015 vote compass

Professor Geoff Gallop: 'Mandates, Promises and Surprises' (QUT), Gibson Room, 1 pm 19 February 2015.  

To register, please email: info@tjryanfoundation.org.au

TJ Ryan Foundation Research Reports

Ann Scott writes on the hidden impact of the Newman cuts on Queensland's public service, both in human suffering, efficiency, and undermining 'frank and fearless' advice.

Research Associate, economist Dr Jon Stanford, formerly of the University of Queensland, examines critically the benefits of mining to Queensland.  He advocates four policy initiatives by Governments: 1. stop subsidizing capital works; 2. increase royalties; 3. adopt a more rigorous approach to the allocation of mining licences; 4. implement a rational resource rent tax.

An overview and commentary on discussions in the print and online media about the performance of the Newman Government during 2014.

This Research Report focusses on public accountability and Parliament’s formal constitutional role including parliamentary procedures (question time, the committee stages of legislation and the revised procedures for Estimates Committee hearings). It examines the CCC and its related Parliamentary Committee.

Howard Guille argues that 'dressing up privatisation as a "long-term lease" cannot hide the distinct likelihood that a few financiers will get the people's assets at a knock-down price'.

Ann Scott reports on the public hearings of the 'Senate Select Committee into 'Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Administration'.

Roger Scott's report on the 2014 Australian Study of Parliament Group conference.

For earlier Research Reports see 'TJRyan Foundation Research Reports' under 'Policy Papers' link above.




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