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Shorten’s three major economic priorities: ‘jobs, jobs and jobs’

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (31.1.17) about details of the economic agenda outlined by federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, in a major speech to the National Press Club in Canberra.

‘Bill Shorten will put creating new jobs, sustaining existing ones, and training and retraining Australian jobseekers at the heart of his economic agenda in a major speech on Tuesday.

‘In what’s seen as a formal opening to the political year, Shorten and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will spell out their priorities in addresses to the National Press Club this week.

‘While both leaders will be in the spotlight, given Turnbull is on the back foot his Wednesday performance is the more politically important of the two. But Labor will be looking to Shorten’s speech to reinforce the momentum that has seen the ALP ahead in the polls.

‘With jobs and employment security preoccupying many voters, Shorten will describe a good job carrying decent wages and conditions as “an anchor to society”.’

Turnbull will acknowledge people’s pain in speech on agenda

Michelle Grattan writes in The Conversation (1.2.17) about details of the Prime Minister’s economic agenda, outlined in a major speech to the National Press Club in Canberra following Bill Shorten’s address a day earlier.

‘In an address being billed as optimistic but realistic, Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday will acknowledge that despite long-sustained economic growth, in many parts of Australia “times are not so good”.

‘In these areas jobs are scarce and prospects less promising than they were, he will say

‘With Tuesday’s Essential poll showing the Coalition trailing Labor 46-54% and One Nation’s 10% primary vote reflecting a populist backlash, Turnbull faces a formidable political task when he outlines his agenda for 2017 at the National Press Club.’

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