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Innovation hurts. Governments make two mistakes trying to ease the pain

Angus Taylor, federa Liberal MP for Hume, writes in The Guardian (24.3.15) about the challenges of adjusting to innovation and resisting the Luddite urge.  He discusses innovation in areas such as health and education, and concludes:

‘Meanwhile, innovation in energy technologies has the potential to break the trade-off between cost, carbon abatement and energy security, with low cost, decentralised solutions. Witness the potential in solar particularly in rural areas, where the costs of going off grid have already dropped below the costs of being on the network, even without subsidies.

‘So what’s stopping us? As a new member of parliament, I am struck by how successful both groups – the false prophets and luddites – are at capturing the political process. In health, education and welfare, aggressive fact-free campaigns put the brake on the natural innovation process. Stakeholders pursue their own interests, not the national interest.

‘It is time for policymakers, commentators, and all engaged in the political process to stand with mainstream Australia – the taxpayers who support the delivery of government services – by insisting on innovation in the delivery of government services.

‘That way we can determine our future, rather than allowing vested interests and budget constraints to control it.’

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