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Brexit, and the LNP’s claim of ‘stable’ government

Brexit would make life even more difficult within a re-elcted Turnbull LNP government

Ann Scott wrties (27.6.16):

The LNP’s claim that only it can offer a stable government to manage the fall-out from the Brexit referendum does not stand up to close scrutiny. Its own recent history, and that of the US Republican Party and the UK Conservative Party, seem to point in the opposite direction

The Brexit result – Plebiscite follies

Peter Bridgman on the lessons of Brexit for the Abbott/Turnbull plebiscite on gay marriage.

Brexit – the internal destabiliser for Turnbull (if he wins)

Sam Crosby writes about the impact of the Brexit vote on the internal struggles within the LNP in The Drum (28.6.16):

‘It therefore seems likely that if re-elected, Turnbull will either be forced to abandon his remaining moderate instincts to retain the leadership, or be replaced by a reinvigorated leader representing the far-right convictions of his predecessor.

‘Either way, the curiosities Australians have observed on the other side of the world are likely to start feeling much closer to home.’

Brexit ‘A victory for the old over the young’ writes Saul Eslake

Saul Eslake concludes in Inside Story (28.6.16):

‘… those who have argued for, and who continue to believe in, the benefits of greater freedom of international movement of goods, services, capital and people must recognise that there have nonetheless been costs – and that these, together with the benefits, have not always been fairly shared. Unless more is done to reverse the stagnation in real wages, the increasing inequality in the distribution of income and wealth, and the greater sense of insecurity around employment and housing tenure, the sentiments reflected in last week’s vote (and the adverse consequences likely to flow from it) will be repeated around the world, including here in Australia.’

Politics now a process for delivering ever more obscene wealth into global super-elite

John Birmingham writes about the lessons from Brexit in (Brisbane Times, 28.6.16):

‘The controlling political classes are not listening “very carefully to what people are saying”. They’re listening to the instructions issued by their pay masters in the board rooms and bourses.

‘Politics now is a process for delivering ever more obscene wealth into the claws of a global super-elite. ‘The greatest triumph of that elite has been convincing huge numbers of their poorest, most benighted victims that the enemy can be identified by irrelevancies such as skin colour, sexuality, religion or choice of beverage. (Curse those latte drinkers. Curse them all to hell.)’

Economists warned of the dire consequences of Brexit

The warnings were loud and clear from 175 of UK’s economists, including 12 Nobel Laureates: Don’t Brexit.

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