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‘Fortune Favours the Brave’: Will Fortune Favour Labor in Queensland?

Dr Danielle Miller and Dr Rae Wear argue:  ‘The Labor Party has traditionally stood for social justice, even if practice has not always followed principle.  Thomas Picketty’s “Capital in the Twenty First Century” would not be such an unexpected best seller if it were not addressing an issue of importance to large numbers of people: the growing inequality between the rich and the poor.  Fortunately for Labor, federal and state LNP governments have introduced budgets and a range of policies that reveal all too clearly that they are not attuned to “the vibe” of the moment and are dedicated to serving the interests of the big end of town.  Even though the Australian and Queensland electorates are conservative, there is plenty of evidence that voters do not want to create a class of working poor with inadequate access to health, education and other services.’

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