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Event: Launch of ‘registered, persecuted, annihilated: The sick and the disabled under National Socialism’


On Tuesday 4 May, the TJ Ryan Foundation partnered with the Queensland Museum, the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and other organisations to launch the travelling exhibition, ‘registered, persecuted, annihilated: The sick and the disabled under National Socialism’.

“The exhibition is specifically aimed at a wide audience. It focuses on the question of the value of life as a guiding principle and considers the intellectual and institutional preconditions of the killings, summarizes the events from exclusion and forced sterilizations up to the Holocaust, provides examples of victims, perpetrators, accomplices and opponents and finally looks into how the events have been dealt with from 1945 until the present day.”

For further event details, see the launch invitation linked below. The exhibition runs from 30 April – 9 May at the Queensland Museum; see the flyer linked below for full program details.


Medical ethics in the shade of the Holocaust

An address was given by Dr Rochy Miller at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital on Monday, 17 May 2021, as part of the launch for the exhibition “Registered, Persecuted, Annihilated”.

Dr Miller is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and a retired medical doctor and writer. In addition to her medical qualifications she has studied creative writing, holds both Medical Journalism and Master of Journalism degrees, is the author of a series of widely used text books in the field of aesthetics education, and has recently published her first book – Not Just a Survivor: a Portrait of my Mother – a memoir of her mother’s story.

‘My address is written from the viewpoint of three separate personas: as a member of the Jewish community, as a medical doctor, and as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. And this exhibition has raised in each of those personas, different responses, and different perspectives.

‘… This exhibition has added one more glimmer of insight into the obscene landscape of pre-Holocaust Germany – an extra little piece of clarity in the incomprehensible puzzle of the collective psyche of Nazi Germany.

‘It clarifies, for me, the paradigm shift of an entire civilized, sophisticated and educated society, bending to the will of a depraved political regime.’



At the launch event: Bart Mellish MP, Prof Margaret Sheil, Dr Darren O’Brien, and TJRF Executive Director Dr Mary Crawford
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